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How to Care for Cotton Cushion Covers

Care Instructions: How do you wash your products? - Cold handwash. - Mild laundry detergent only - Dry in shade. - Do not tumble dry. - Do not leave outside. - Do not store wet. Are your products able to be put outside? Yes and no, you can put them outside but be warned that the designs / colours will fade over time in the sun. Do your best to keep them dry and in the shade if possible while outside.    

How to Install Curtain Tracks

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FOR CHORD DRAWN AND HAND DRAWN CURTAIN TRACKS Ensure centre support bracket is installed where track extends.   Twist metal support so it clamps track and support bracket together, tighten until firm. This will make certain track slides glide over join more easily   FOR CHORD DRAWN CURTAIN TRACKS ONLY   Chord looped around back of centre track slide

How to Hang a Pinch or Inverted Pleat Curtain

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1. Lay the curtain flat 2. Insert a slip-on hook (face down) every pleat and the end pocket of each curtain. 3. The hook is inserted one prong on either side of the pleat. 4. Insert hook into track glides, or onto the rings for rods   INVERTED PLEAT PINCH PLEAT for your blinds, curtains and shutters needs

How to Care for Curtain Fabric

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Curtains should be hung at least 10cm from the glass to enable air to circulate. This assists in preventing mildew and reduces heat build up, both of which can adversely affect your fabric. To maintain and preserve the life of your soft furnishings, regular dusting and vacuuming should be undertaken, however frequent laundering is not usually required.Should washing be required, always refer your fabric's care code, as some fabrics require specific washing instructions. CARE LABEL No: 1For use on velvet & silk fabrics Remove hooks rings & trims before cleaning. Gently vacuum regularly with appropriate attachment.Do not wash. Do not...

How to Measure a Window

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WIDTH: Use a steel tape measure and measure your window from end to end. Then install your track/rod to #t window width. Once track/rod has been installed you can then work out the drop you need to cover windowFor curtain tracks measure from the top of the curtain track down to the level you want curtains to hang.A slight variance in drop can be achieved by the size of the type of hook you use or if hanging pencil pleat curtain using the di#ernt hook pocket levels. For more information on blinds, shutters and curtains, visit our friends at NCR...

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